Navy Birthday Ball

Last night NOSC Chattanooga hosted the 235th Navy Birthday Ball at the Colonnade in North Georgia. Here is a picture of my girlfriend Annie and I just before we left for the ball. I’ll post more pictures after I process them.

2 thoughts on “Navy Birthday Ball

  1. My husband just saw the billboard today and I did a search and found your blog! How awesome they have a Navy Birthday Ball here!! I just wish we would have seen it sooner! He retired last year and we moved here! We will definitely have to look at going next year!! I miss the Navy life! So, about how many attendee’s? Love your picture and hope it was a great event!

    • Tammy,
      The Reserve center in Chattanooga typically has their Navy Ball on the first weekend in October. This is the first year it has been at the Colonnade though and I’m not sure where it will be next year, but it will be close enough for you all to drive to if you decide to come. There were around 100 guests in attendance this past weekend. We usually have a pretty good time. I will be posting more images this weekend hopefully.

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