Old Technology

A few weeks ago my grandmother, Ruby Bryant, passed away.  She was 82.  She passed away due to congestive heart failure complications.  My grandfather, Emary Bryant, passed away over 20 years earlier.  So now that my grandmother is gone, the time has come to begin the process of going through their house.

Yesterday we went over to the house to have one of our last family get-togethers.  We all had a wonderful yet sad time.  As we were looking through the house my daughter, who was in the other room, called my cellphone.  The voice on the other end wasn’t the typical high quality voice from my daughter that I am use to hearing.  She told me in a very excited voice that she was calling me from an old rotary phone that was in the spare bedroom.  As the grand kids were making a list of the things that we wanted from the house I decided to put the rotary phone on the list.

I was shocked to find out that I was the only person, besides my daughter, who wanted that old phone.  So we took it home.  The true subject and topic of this post follows.  As we were sitting on the couch talking about our evening, my daughter asked me, “I wonder what the phone number is of that old phone we got?” All I could do was laugh and of course I played along.  So I told her to go plug it in and call me so I could see what number popped up on my cell phone.  We all got a good chuckle out of that.

I love the fact that Emilie, my daughter, has a love for old technology.  Hopefully someday she can get her ham radio license like me and my dad so we can use some of the other old stuff that we found.

Friendship, True Friendship!

My grandmother passed away last week.  She has been battling the affects of congestive heart failure for sometime now.  Her body had finally had enough and she let go and is now in Heaven.

My dad’s best friend, David Cook, moved away from Cleveland several years ago due to his job.  He has kept in touch and when he comes back to town to visit family he always stops in for a visit.  I’ve known David my whole life.

When David received word that my my grandmother, my dad’s mom, had passed away he dropped everything and came to Cleveland.  He drove from Texas to be here for his friend.

We all have friends and we all are a friend to someone, but what level of friend are you?  Are you the friend who would drop everything and drive 12 or more hours to be with someone during a hard time?

David Cook is a true friend to my family and I will never forget that.