Strange Phone Calls

A couple of days ago I received a phone call from a good friend and co-worker of mine but I wasn’t fast enough and the call ended up being a missed call.  When he called back, I answered my phone but to my surprise, he wasn’t on the other end.  Instead of his voice, I heard ringing and then a computerized time and temperature voice came on the line and began telling me the weather for some place I’d never heard of.  I ended the call and we eventually ended up talking.

I thought the above incident was a fluke and an isolated incident, but then it happened again.  My dad called me and when I answered all I heard was ringing and then a strange voice on the other end saying hello as if I’d called them.  I simply told the lady that I had the wrong number and hung up.  Again thinking, wow, this is odd and that it was another fluke of nature, until…

I was driving home last night when another friend of mine called me.  I answered my cell phone and again heard ringing and then a BBQ restaurant answered.  I again told the nice lady that I had the wrong number and hung up.

After the second incident I posted a tweet on twitter about my odd experience.  AT&T Customer Care quickly responded and could only offer simple steps to hopefully fix the problem.  In all honesty, they had no idea what they were doing and were simply trying to appease me and hope that the problem went away.  A few of my friends replied to my tweet and Facebook post as well.  They too had experienced this strange issue.

At first I thought the problem was an AT&T problem, but then one of my friends who has Verizon said it had happened to them.  I then quickly thought, oh, it must be an iPhone or Apple problem until a Samsung Galaxy user told me that they too had experienced this.

I’m not exactly sure whats happening.  I am sure that its a cell phone routing problem that’s probably happening at the data center level, but how it’s effecting cellular users across various providers baffles me.  I could understand it if it were only happening to AT&T or Verizon, but for it to be happening across multiple platforms and companies really makes me think there is something more going on.

Hopefully this post will find it’s way into someone’s reader or on Google so that my friends and I get some answers.

Thanks for reading…

Suicide Prevention

I’ve been a proud member of the U.S. Navy for almost 14 years.  One of the many things I love about the Navy is the forward-thinking ethos when it comes to training.  We constantly train, on everything from Sexual Assault prevention and reporting to Financial Health, but one of the topics that hit home with me is Suicide Prevention.

Every year we discuss suicide awareness and prevention, especially around this time of year with the holidays rapidly approaching.  While the majority of people look forward to the holidays and spending time with family and friends, some people see it as a depressing time and the suicide rate tends to increase.  That’s why it’s imperative to be able to recognize the warning signs.

In my civilian job I am a law enforcement officer.  In that capacity I often times must respond to scenes where someone has taken their own life.  I recently went to a home where a person had done so and in speaking to the neighbors, they each gave me tail tail signs of an impending disaster.  They each thought that the person may be thinking of committing suicide yet no one said or did anything to help.  Now, are they criminally liable for not helping intervene? No, but personally, I would feel horrible if I were them.

So, as we approach the holidays, please be mindful of your neighbors and those who are near and dear to you.  Look for the warning signs and don’t be scared to ask the hard questions.  When it comes to life and death, it’s no time to sugar coat things or pass warning signs off as being silly.  Get help for the person.

I’m going to add some links here to help you learn more about the warning signs and what to do but remember, if someone makes comments about a loss of hope or ending it all, call 911 and get them some help.


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