Delivery Room Video *Update*


I posted the above link a couple of nights ago while my girlfriend was in the delivery room about to deliver our sweet little girl Eliot. I was sitting there wishing that more people could join us. I wanted to record the whole thing but I knew no one would want to watch it afterwards and then it hit me, I had a ustream broadcast app on my Mac. So I fired up the app and started broadcasting. During those “private” moments I would close the lid of the laptop so that no one could see anything they shouldn’t see and during the actual birth I closed the lid but allowed the audio to continue streaming.

I tried to play commentary as much as possible and keep everyone updated. It was much easier doing it that way then having to send out a million individual text messages. In the end I think it was a huge success and have gotten a lot of positive feedback. Everyone who was watching at the time of birth got to hear Eliot’s first cry.

To my knowledge, no one else in my little town has done anything of the like. So I would like to think I was the first to broadcast a live birth over ustream from Cleveland, TN.

Note: I did not violate any hospital policy which prevents video and stills to be taken during the birth since I turned the camera away and simply allow the audio to stream.

Thank you to everyone who was able to share such a sweet moment with us. Eliot is very healthy and so far she seems as happy as a two day old can be.

Today is the Day

Today will be the day that little Eliot enters the world.



Yesterday was Annie’s due date but due to the poor weather conditions the doctors office was closed.  We contacted the doctors office today and they told us to come in.  Had it not been for a little bit of high blood pressure they probably would have sent her home.  As I type I am sitting in an uncomfortable hospital room chair waiting on the Dr. to come in and break her water….more later