Elkins Cricket Farm

                                                              photo by Chris Villines

Last week while on duty, I was dispatched to a call in reference to some illegal dumping.  I met up with the complainant, Lester Elkins.

As I was driving up to Mr. Elkins’ house, I noticed that he had some type of business on property that resembled a chicken farm, only everything was smaller.  Mr. Elkins and I met up and he drove me over to the place where the illegal dumping occurred.  As we were talking I asked him what kind of business he was in and he told me that he was a cricket farmer.

Mr. Elkins said that as a young boy, he and his brothers loved to go fishing but that they were very poor and had to hunt their own bait.  He said that he found that the crappy loved crickets and after catching several his mother allowed him to use an end piece of bread to feed them so they would stay alive.  He said that he could only use the end piece of the bread loaf though because they were so poor.  Elkins said that a few days later he noticed baby crickets in the shoebox.

Finding the baby crickets in the shoebox started a 53 year business in cricket farming.  Mr. Elkins told me that the first 20 years of business were the hardest but that he finally got his business down to a science and the last 33 years have been much better.

I did a Google search for him and found very few results except some address information.  I think his hard work and determination are worth writing about and sharing with others.  Here’s a link to a story on the CO-OP website about Lester.

Elkins Cricket Farm, LLC