The Closet Collapse

Last night we were all sitting in the living room when we heard a thunderous crash. We had no idea what had happened. We all actually thought that it was thundering outside. Later yesterday evening as I went down stairs I was greeted with a large pile of clothing and stuff in my closet floor. The closet organizer that had been there for nearly twenty years had given way to the pressure and weight of all my clothes and other items stored on it.

Habitat for Humanity

Last weekend my Navy Reserve unit teamed up with the Cleveland, TN chapter of Habitat for Humanity and assisted in the building of a house.  Here are some of the photographs I made while we were there.


The other side of the tracks

Last week I was romping about up in the north end of my home town while doing some work for my dad.  I took my Nikon D300 with me as usual in hopes of finding some old barn or something interesting to take a photograph of  I normally have my camera with me at all times.  It may not be in my hands, but it’s usually close by.

I was driving through the little town of Charleston, TN when I crossed the railroad track and noticed that there were a couple of local Norfolk Southern engines sitting on the tracks.  Here are some of the iPhone pictures I took.

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AirCurve Acoustic Amplifier for iPhone

Good morning!

A few months ago while browsing in the electronics section at my local Walmart I saw this cool little iPhone dock.  I know what you’re saying, everybody and their brother has came out with an iPhone dock.  But this one is completely different. 

This little $20 piece of plastic has no electronics yet it claims to boost the audio of your iPhone do to a wave-guide design.  As your phone sits in the cradle of this dock the speaker of the phone is in direct contact with the start of the wave-guide and as sound comes from the iPhone speaker it is pumped through this little tunnel.  The sound quality is very nice and the clear plastic design is very pleasing to the eye.

This dock is made by Griffin Technology and is actually called the AirCurve Acoustic Amplifier.

Note:  It will accept a sync cable so you can charge or sync your iPhone while it is securely sitting in the AirCurve. 

Head on over to and take a look.  I highly recommend it.

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I was taking my daughter to a birthday party a few years ago when I was still stationed in Charleston, SC.  On a whim, I stopped by the Navy Exchange and purchased a Sony Cybershot digital camera.  I have a hard time remembering some things but I remember this event pretty clearly.  The first digital photos I took were at that party which was at the bowling alley on base.  Little did I know that the purchase of that camera would spark an interest that would be almost as strong as my love of amateur radio.

Soon after I bought my camera, Emilie went on a school field trip to the Aquarium in downtown Charleston.  While I was there I took a picture of the Cooper River Bridge.  It connects Charleston to Mt. Pleasant.  The picture wasn’t very good by today’s standards though, but I still love it.

I started reading photography tutorials that I would print from the internet and read them while I was at work in my down time.  I started learning about shutter speeds and F-stops and white balance and all the other technical things that are involved in photography.  I’m still reading too.

My photographic style has become that of capturing human expression.  I love capturing those moments in life that people don’t expect.  Taking the picture of the little boy in the crowd who is yawning or doing something he shouldn’t be doing is much more appealing to me than posing a bunch of people and taking portrait style pictures.

About a year ago I came across this guy named Joe McNally while surfing the internet.  Joe is a famous photog who is a master of lighting and off camera flash.  While watching a video of him giving a talk about his first published book “The Moment It Clicks” Joe is telling of a time when he was on assignment with one of the major magazines to take pictures of the Pope.  He is so far away from the Pope that there is noway to get a good photo and while Joe is getting frustrated with his dilemma there is a one armed man behind him taking pictures with a small camera with a fixed lens.  Joe goes on to say that the most important piece of gear in your camera bag is your attitude.

More to come…

iPhone picture of the week

The first snow of the season occurred a few days ago.  Unfortunately I was unable to enjoy it.  I was fulfilling my obligations with the U.S. Navy Reserves.  My daughter however, was able to go out and have some fun.  I am an amateur radio operator and my daughter is well aware of this fact.  So much so that she decided to make a snowman ham radio operator.  She named him Hammie.  My dad took this picture with his cell phone.

iPhone picture of the week

This picture was taken with my handy iPhone 3G.  My girlfriend and I had just dropped my daughter off at a birthday part and had decided to take a short walk to the eatery just up the road.  As we were walking I noticed the sign out front.  Now, I have eaten at this place many times but have never really noticed the sign.
I edited the picture in the Chase Jarvis iPhone app called Best Camera.  Chase’s inspiration has helped me start to see the creative side of myself and I have started taking a lot more pictures.
As a note this restaurant is located just south of Charleston, TN on North Lee Hwy (U.S. Hwy 11).