My iPhone Was Stolen

Eight days ago my iPhone was stolen. 

Here are a few things I’ve learned through this experience. 

1. Airplane mode works great. So great though that you can’t track your phone if it’s stolen. So, use it wisely. 

2. A good back up of your phone is a must! I back my phone up to my computer vice the cloud. The free iCloud storage is useless because it’s only 5gb while my phone is a 64gb device. The math just doesn’t work. Luckily, my most recent backup was only about a week old so I really only lost a weeks worth of data. But since I also use Dropbox to backup my images, I really didn’t lose anything. 

3. Be ready to experience life again. Going without a phone for a week taught me that 1. I can do it and 2. When you get your nose out of your device you start to see the world again. 

4. Driving is different. Driving distraction free is actually really nice. No one is texting you. No one is calling. No emails coming in. Just driving. Although, I use my phone for directions so be ready to find your way around if you’re in a new area. 

5. Have a backup phone number. I use google voice as a backup phone number so I never really lost the ability to text or make calls. I just had to do so from a computer vice my phone. So if you don’t have a google voice number, I recommend getting one. They are free and you can set them to call all your devices when someone calls you. 

Have you lost your phone or had it stolen? 

What did it teach you?