Equality At It’s Finest!

I’m curious.

Bruce Jenner is hailed as a hero because he had a sex change (a man living as a woman), but Rachel Dolezal is ridiculed and called out because she’s Caucasian and lives her life as an African-American.

What’s the difference?  Sure, of course I know the difference, but do or should their motives really matter?  If we truly want people to live how they want to live then we should be okay with people identifying as whoever or whatever they want to, right?  I mean, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Just something to ponder.

One thought on “Equality At It’s Finest!

  1. Bruce Jenner will never be a woman, only a horribly mutilated man who (apparently) wishes he were a woman. Rachel Dolezal will always be whatever race her DNA says she is, no matter how much she wishes (right now, at least) to be black. A person can “identify as whoever or whatever they want to,”( this is what we call “fantasy”) as long as they are willing to accept the personal and social (and perhaps criminal) consequences of living a fantasy life. Both of these individuals may be mentally ill – I’m not qualified to judge. I could decide I was Napoleon Bonaparte, but I doubt anyone is going to recognize my claim. Maybe I’ll just decide I’m American Indian and see if they send me a casino check.

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