Stress and Moving…

Moving can be extremely stressful.  Back in 2006 when I was preparing to get out of the Navy I decided to, once again, have the Navy move me back to TN.  That experience was great.  The moving company, Allied, came in, packed everything up and shipped it to a storage facility near my hometown of Cleveland,TN.  Once I actually got to Cleveland I located a storage company to store my stuff until I found a house of my own.  I located a nice little climate controlled storage company near my parents house.  The company is Stand-Sto Storage.

All was well with the Sand-Sto.  I rented two units for almost 6 years.  I faithfully sent them $130 a month for those two units and never had a problem.  Back to that in a min…

The time came for me to move into a new house.  So I shopped around for a moving company to move my stuff from Sand-Sto to my new house.  I decided to use Posey’s Moving and Storage company in Cleveland,TN.  When I had contacted Mr. Posey to find out his rates I was told that it was $130 per hour and they would provide a truck and three men.

Moving Day

Moving day arrived and I met the crew at the storage company.  This is wear the stress began.  At $130 an hour I was watching the clock pretty close.  So when two men and a 10 year old boy showed up I was pretty upset.  I decided to just sit back and not say anything.  I left and let them do their thing.  After two hours or so I went to check on them, hoping that the 3rd man would have shown up.  I found that only about half of the contents were loaded and that the 3rd man was in fact the 10 year old boy.  $780 later, all of my stuff was in the house.  I asked the moving crew if they closed my storage unit doors when they left and they said no.  No problem, or so I thought…

That brings me to today and back around to the Sand-Sto topic.

I walked in to the office at Sand-Sto so I could get my padlocks back and go ahead and close out my account.  Much to my surprise, my locks had been thrown away and my account had been closed, not by me, but by the moving company crew.  The lady in the office was flippant about the whole thing and flippantly offered me two new locks.  When I declined to take them she really couldn’t understand why and couldn’t see why I was upset.  I expressed my concern with the fact that the moving company had closed my account without my authority and they said that they do this in 99% of the occasions.

I was then told that if I had a problem I would have to take it up with the moving company.  The blame was shifted…

Enough of the facts, now for my rant…

– I never gave the moving company the authority to handle any of my financial dealings when it came to Sand-Sto Storage Company.

– I have paid Sand-Sto nearly $6500 over the last few years only to have my last business encounter with them to be a bad one.

– When I pay $130 an hour to a moving company for three men and a truck, I expect to get three men and not two men and a boy.

– Don’t shift the blame to another company or back to the customer when the problem was caused by a poor business practice within your company.

– All of this could have been prevented if the lady in the office at Sand-Sto had been a little more pleasant and not so flippant with my problem.  It may have seemed insignificant to her, but when an unauthorized third-party starts handling my accounts it’s pretty significant to me.

Now, I will say a few good things.  Sand-Sto protected my belongings for several years.  Nothing was ever stolen and my stuff was untouched.  Posey’s did a good job with the moving even though it was a little slow since there was only two adults doing the work.  I would recommend Posey’s again but I’m not so sure about Sand-Sto, the jury is still out.

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