Friendship, True Friendship!

My grandmother passed away last week.  She has been battling the affects of congestive heart failure for sometime now.  Her body had finally had enough and she let go and is now in Heaven.

My dad’s best friend, David Cook, moved away from Cleveland several years ago due to his job.  He has kept in touch and when he comes back to town to visit family he always stops in for a visit.  I’ve known David my whole life.

When David received word that my my grandmother, my dad’s mom, had passed away he dropped everything and came to Cleveland.  He drove from Texas to be here for his friend.

We all have friends and we all are a friend to someone, but what level of friend are you?  Are you the friend who would drop everything and drive 12 or more hours to be with someone during a hard time?

David Cook is a true friend to my family and I will never forget that.

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