A couple of years ago I began keeping a short daily journal of things that I did at work. As a police officer, keeping notes and being about to look back into the past to remember things is very important. Often times I have to testify in a case that may have occurred a year or two ago. For most people this may be no big deal, but I have a hard time remembering what I ate for supper last

So a few months ago I saw these really cool looking journals at the local Barne’s and Noble book store while I was shopping and looking at some photography books and magazines. I ran across the Moleskine journals and thought they looked really neat. I wanted one. I wanted one really bad but I didn’t buy. They were expensive. At least they were for me, someone who doesn’t like to write (I much prefer typing). So after several weeks and months of wanting one I bought my first red Moleskine journal with lines in it.

I like to think I have a type “a” personality which means I’m not very creative. This is probably the reason my photography isn’t that great. Being fairly organized and the non-creative type “a” person, it took me a day or two to actually write in my new journal. I didn’t want to mess up a page or write something wrong. I actually thought about how the layout of the writing should look. Silly I know.

Finally, I put pen to paper and it was amazing. The paper of the moleskine soaked the ink up in a way I have never seen or felt. It was magical and much different than writing on copy paper or notebook paper.

I have tried to write every night but have missed a few days here and there. If something exciting happens I’ll write it down. My hopes are to leave something of myself behind when I am gone. I have plenty of photographs to leave behind but I want to leave more, so I try to write with that in mind and explain things a little more than I normally would.

The likes of WordPress, twitter and facebook will come and go, but pens and paper are here to stay. If you don’t journal, then I highly recommend it. Not only will you leave a legacy but it will also help you become a better writer.

I prefer the moleskine for now, but that may change with time. There are plenty of other types of journals out there. The point is, JUST WRITE! oh, and READ! lol

One thought on “Journaling

  1. I do journaling for both writing and art–and it is without a doubt one of the most helpful things in my life. It allows me to plan new pieces, work out stories, or just unload daily crap for stress release. I’m also a fan of the moleskines and love the plain paper style covers!

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