Bradley County’s First Sheriff honored

Bradley County’s first Sheriff, Sheriff Carter was honored in a 3pm memorial service at Forthill Cemetary in Cleveland,TN. Sheriff Carter’s grave was recently rediscovered by a local historian and teacher Mrs. Debbie Moore. Mrs. Moore approached the local Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 59 and requested that they raise funds to place a new grave stone on the grave. Mrs. Moore also requested that the marker indicate that this was the grave of Bradley County’s first Sheriff. After Mrs. Moore layed out the history and the facts and proved that this was infact Sheriff Carter’s grave the Lodge voted to assist Mrs. Moore in her endevours.

In attendence was Mrs. Moore, FOP Lodge President Jim Hodgson, FOP member Chip Bryant, FOP member Rusty Bryant, County Commisioner Louie Alford, County Commisioner Ed Elkins, local Cub Scouts and a distant relative of Sheriff Carter.

Sheriff Carter was appointed to his position in 1836 and died that same year. It is still unclear how Sheriff Carter passed.

Mrs. Debbie Moore shares the history of what Sheriff Carter.

FOP President Jim Hodgson dedicates the new grave stone that was placed upon Sheriff Carter’s grave.

 Mrs. Moore demonstrates how to “chalk” a grave stone to bring out the writing so that it is more visible. She explains that years of exposure to the elements can cause grave stones to become hard to read and “chalking” helps to bring out the writing.

FOP Memeber Chip Bryant places a wreath on Sheriff Carter’s grave.

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