The River Maze

I took Annie, Emilie and Alex to the river maze in Ocoee, TN a few weekends ago. I had been there a couple of years ago and enjoyed it. This year was no different. I had a good time and so did everyone else.

The adventure started off by purchasing the tickets. I’ll have to admit that the rates were fairly reasonable. It was less than $10 for each person and Alex was free since he is only 3. The ticket price included access to the corn maze, the soy bean maze and either one ride on the cow-train or one shot of the corn canon.

Once Alex saw the cow-train we all made a B-line to it after we got our tickets. The cows were actually barrels that were cut out so you could sit in them and they were painted to look like cows. I sat in the 4th cow back so I couldn’t see the smile on the kids faces, but I think they enjoyed it.
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After the cow ride we moved on to the corn maze. Visit the website for a map the maze,

We decided to take a hay ride down to the entrance of the corn maze. It wouldn’t have been a very long walk, but with two kids and the weather being cold we decided to just enjoy the whole experience by hitching a ride.

Below are just a few of the pictures I took to document this fun evening and as always I was using my Nikon D300 to shoot the pics.

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