iPhone Pictures

     A few weeks ago Chase Jarvis introduced a new iPhone app called bestcam.  It came from the book he just release call “The best camera is the one you have”.  I haven’t bought the book yet but I did down load and install the free app on my iPhone.  This new app and Chases inspiration has really inspired me to start taking more pictures with my iPhone.  So here are a few of my pictures. 

This is Annie.  I took her, her son and my daughter to a river maze in Polk County Tennessee.   We had a great time despite the cold and wet conditions.

I go to a local Baptist Church called Westwood.  This is the painting on one of the walls.  The photo was edited with the bestcam app.

A late night trip to the local Krispy Kreme doughnut shop yielded this picture.  Annie and I were sitting at our table and this was the view.  Beautiful if I do say so myself.

 This one was taken as I was driving.  I used a self timer app to take a few pictures as I was driving so it was done with minimal attention given to my phone.  It was edited with the bestcam app.

I was just about to get into my truck when I noticed a large shadow of myself and thought it might make an interesting picture.

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