September Atlanta trip

In May of this year (2009) I was looking around on and noticed that my hero, Dave Ramsey, was coming to Atlanta in September. I had no idea if I would be able to go or not and if I could, I had no idea who I would take with me, but I ordered two VIP tickets. As the months rocked along I thought I might as well take Annie since we usually have a pretty good time with each other.

We left out early on that Saturday morning, probably too early, but I’m just an early kind of guy. It rained the whole way down. Once we got into Atlanta we used my trusty garmin GPS to locate the Atlanta Civic Center and then we found our way to the nearest Dillards (Annie needs a dress for the Navy Ball in Nov).

On the way back to the Civic Center I saw a beautiful building in the downtown area so I pulled out my iPhone and snapped this pic.

We finally made it back to the Civic Center and walked in right as the doors opened and were probably one of the first two VIP’s to get to find a seat. We got GREAT seats, only four rows back from the stage. WOW!!!

Dave spoke for almost five solid hours (minus two 20 minute breaks). It felt like we were only sitting there for about thirty minutes. Dave Ramsey has a way of getting you to hang on every word he speaks. He is an absolutely wonderful person and I am glad I was able to go see him. I will see him again thats for sure and the next time, I’m getting Platinum tickets!

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